Kanpur Memorial Church, Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur Memorial Church

Location: Located in the cantonment area of Kanpur,Kanpur Memorial Church was constructed in order to honor the British soldiers who laid down their lives in 1857 war.

Description: Believed to have been constructed in the year 1875, other name of this Church is the All Souls Cathedral. Construction of this Church was done with red bricks that were bright colored and the building followed a Gothic style of architecture. The Church was designed by Walter Granville who served as architect of East Bengal Railway. Wonderful designs created with stained glass and the beautiful architectural design of this church makes it a great attraction of Kanpur city. Located within the premises of this Church is a memorial garden, which has two gateways and it is isolated from the main building with a gothic screen that has been beautifully carved.

Activities: Kanpur Memorial Church is a popular site located in Kanpur, which is visited by tourists from near and far in huge numbers. Besides paying homage to British soldiers killed in the revolt of 1857, tourists visit this place to witness the beauty of its structure and design. The structure of this magnificent church depicts the uniqueness and beauty of the ancient art and the gothic style.  

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