Kamla Retreat, Uttar Pradesh

Kamla Retreat

Location: Situated near the Allen Forest Zoo, on Kamla Nehru Road, Kamla Retreat was constructed by a famous industrialist, Shri Padam Pat Singhania.

Description: Singhania family is the owner of Kamla Retreat, which is a private estate. It is primarily famous as a great resort and considered an ideal place for picnics, outdoor activities, and family gatherings. The lush lawns, parks, swimming pool and canals offer a magnificent view of natural wonders. Modern machines are installed in the swimming pool which can produce artificial waves. These waves are very mesmerizing and entertaining for the onlookers. Besides this it has a museum as well with various archaeological and historical artifacts on display, which are of great value for the archaeologists and historians. People who are interested in visiting this museum are supposed to take permission from the Deputy General Manager, the office of whom is located at Kamla Tower, Kanpur.

Activities: Kamla Retreat is a must visit attraction in Kanpur, offering a number of activities. You can enjoy swimming and boating at this place. Besides this you can relax in the calm and tranquil atmosphere of this resort and admire the impeccable beauty it is blessed with. History buffs can visit the museum located within the premises to make their trip more enriching.

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