Jajmau, Uttar Pradesh


Location: Jajmau is a village in Kanpur India and a well known place from ancient times. Positioned on the shore of river Ganges, it is an Industrial area, well known for leather industries as well as tanneries.

Description: Earlier famous with the name of Siddhapuri, nowadays it is also known as Jajesmow. Ancient relics, including artifacts, tools and weapons, from 1600 A.D have been found at this hillock which acts as a proof of various events of the history. The hill of Jajamau served as a fort of King Yayavati, who was a Hindu by religion. The glory of ancient times is represented by two temples, Siddha Devi Temple and Siddhnath temple. Mausoleum of Sufi Makhdam Shah Ala-ul-Haq is also considered as worth visiting. This mausoleum was constructed by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the year 1358. There is one more significant structure that is the mosque built by Kulich Khan in the year 1679. Devotees go to this dargah on every Thursday for worshipping and seeking blessings. 

Activities: It is an ancient historical place and now popular as an industrial hub. Religious places of worship for both Hindu and Muslims sects are also there so devotees visit these places in huge numbers.

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