Gonikoppal, Madhya Pradesh


Location: Rich in vast vegetation, Gonikoppal is a dazzling hilly region in Coorg district of Madhya Pradesh.

Description: Gonikoppal is renowned for the cultivation of coffee plants. Coffee seeds of this place are rich in quality and thus exported to many parts of India. Along with coffee, you may also see the orchards of oranges and pepper here. When you visit Gonikoppal, you may notice the coffee plants mixed with tall trees. These trees protect the delicate coffee plants from intense sun. Coffee plants grown at higher altitudes are best in both quality and flavor. So while you are here do take some fresh coffee home. Wander though these orchards and feel the fragrance of coffee all around. To make your trip more exciting, spend some time in the famous old fort and a Buddhist temple in Gonikoppal.

Activities: Best time to visit Gonikoppal would be the months of October to May, when the atmosphere is calm and pleasant. During this period, Gonikoppal opens its gateway of adventurous activities for tourists. Coorg Adventure Club is the one which organizes all fun activities in this town. So, you have a great chance to indulge in various recreational activities, including paragliding, windsurfing, parasailing and various other water sports.

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