Valmiki Ashram, Uttar Pradesh

Valmiki Ashram

Location: Positioned on a hillock, Valmiki Ashram presents a picturesque view of the city and its surrounding areas. It can be reached by climbing stairs, which are given the name of Stairway to Heaven.

Description: Valmiki Ashram is a very significant place and has a history that dates back to the mythological era of Ramayana. It is considered as a pious place and is revered by the followers of great saint Valmiki Rishi who was the writer of Ramayana, a great epic in Hindu mythology. Rishi Valmiki has a number of disciples, who follow his teachings and way of life. It is believed that Sita came to this ashram after her expulsion from the kingdom by Lord Rama and here she gave birth to twin sons, Kush and Luv. Later when Rama realized that the expulsion was not a just decision and came here to request Sita to come back to the kingdom, Sita refused to return back and disappeared into the lap of Prithvi Mata or Mother Earth. This is a great sacrifice by any goddess in the Hindu mythology and religion. It also shows the sacredness of the ladies of that time and presents Indian women in a bright light.

Activities: This ashram is an ideal place to visit for devotees, nature lovers and people who are interested in knowing more about Indian mythology.

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