Jain Glass Temple, Uttar Pradesh

Jain Glass Temple

Location: Jain Glass Temple is positioned in Maheshwari Mohal behind the famous Kamla Tower in Kanpur. This Temple is located on the shore of holy river, Ganga.

Description: Kanpur is home to many sacred and historical places, besides being famous for leather, woolen and cotton industries. Jain Glass Temple is a shrine devoted to Jainism and it is also considered as a popular tourist destination. This Temple follows the ancient style of architectural design. Glass is the only material used for the construction of this structure and the temple has been decorated beautifully with designs in glass and enamel. A beautiful work of ornate mirror can be witnessed on the walls, ceiling and floor of the temple. Jain scriptures are portrayed through the paintings and stained glass murals. The temple is devoted to followers and disciples of lord Mahavira and 23 Jain Tirthankaras present on a huge foundation.  Nearby attractions are Panki, Buddha Park, Gurrudwara Banno Sahib, Nano Rao Park, Kamla Retreat, The Temple of lord Hanumanji, All Souls’ Memorial Church, Shri RadhaKrishna Temple, Jajmau Allen Forest Zoo, Phool Bagh, Moti Jheel Park and so on.  

Activities: Besides worshipping in this temple, tourists can also witness the artistic beauty that is depicted in the architecture and design of this shrine.

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