Siddhavat, Madhya Pradesh


Location: Renowned for its eternal Siddhavat Tree, Siddhavat is a tiny locale in Ujjain city.

Description: Located on the right bank of Shipra River, Ujjain is world famous for its ancient treasures and chronicle tales. One of such well-regarded places in the ancient city is Siddhavat. The bathing ghat built on Shipra River in Siddhavat is frequently visited by thousands of pilgrims all through the year. As per the legend, this is the holy place where Goddess Parvati performed her penance. It is also said that disciples of Natha sect worshipped here. A famous folklore says that some Mughal rulers cut down the Banyan Tree and covered it with iron sheets. They did this with the intention to stop the growth of this tree. Yet after so many efforts they did not succeed as the tree had divine powers. The marvelous tree pierced the iron sheets, grew and flourished. People in Ujjain now call it as Siddhavat tree. People come from far flung areas to worship the holy tree, as well as the idols of deities, Sidha Nath and Sapta Matrikas, installed beneath the tree.

Activities: One must visit Bhairogarh, an ancient village famous for its cloth printing all around India, which is located very close to Siddhavat.

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