Jantar Mantar (Vedh Shala Observatory), Madhya Pradesh

Jantar Mantar (Vedh Shala Observatory)

Location: One of the most significant and comprehensive structures in the world, Jantar Mantar is an ancient observatory in Ujjain city. You can reach this place easily as it is just 1 km in the south-west of railway station.

Description: Ujjain has been a central hub of all activities varying from education to astronomy. During 17th century, with the establishment of Jantar Mantar, also known as Vedh Shala Observatory, it became a more popular city of ancient period. This is one of the five famous observatories built by Maharaja Jai Sigh in different parts of India. It was constructed with a motive to determine the locations of heavenly bodies for astrological purposes. You will be astonished to see four Yantras present here and made for different functions, like to study motion and orbits of planets. The four Yantras are Samrata Yantra used for calculating time, the Nadi Valaya Yantra to calculate days, the Dignasha Yantra, the Dakshinottara Bhitti and the Sun Dial to calculate declination of sun. The observatory is still used for purposes, like weather forecasts.

Activities: Another captivating aspect about the observatory is the attached planetarium where the telescope used for moon gazing and observing other planets like Mars and Jupiter and their satellites will enhance your curiosity.

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