Central Research Institute (CRI), Himachal Pradesh

Central Research Institute (CRI)

Location: Central Research Institute, abbreviated as CRI, was established back in the year of 1905 by the British in Kasauli district of Himachal Pradesh state and it is flocked by numerous tourists throughout the year.

Description: Central Research Institute deals with the study and research of diseases and development of their cures. It was set up by the Government nearly 105 years back. David Semple was the foremost director of CRI and under his esteem guidance CRI managed to work efficiently in the field of Virological Research and Immunology. CRI is credited for the production of vaccinations against numerous diseases, like cholera, typhoid, smallpox, and snake bite. CRI earned success in developing the first ever vaccination against a deadly disease, called rabies. Presently, CRI has joined hands with WHO, better known as the World Health Organization, for developing vaccines against polio, DTP and measles.

Activities: Apart from all the research and development studies, CRI provides medical aspirants the opportunity to indulge in any of the graduate or post-graduate medical courses offered by this prestigious institute. CRI is known all across the globe due to its priceless contribution in the field of medicine. Patients who suffer from yellow fever, snake bite, etc. are regularly brought here for treatment.

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