Bird Watching, Himachal Pradesh

Bird Watching

Location: The dense woods and lush green valleys of Kasauli are a perfect hotspot for enjoying Bird Watching.

Description: Kasauli is a hub of densely populated green forest cover and natural woods and these locations are perfect for indulging in bird watching. The keen bird watchers love to halt at Kasauli during their trips to the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is an extremely popular activity and one can enjoy the real essence of Bird watching here. Kasauli is a place where one can easily spot numerous exotic species of birds and that too in their natural habitat. A few species of migratory birds from the bird kingdom that can be easily spotted in the Kasauli city include the Lack-chinned Babblers, Red-billed Leothrix, Red-billled Blue Magpie, Verditer Flycatchers, Grey Bushchat, Bar-trailed Tree creeper, Nuthatch Species, Jungle Owlet and Striated Prinias.

Activities: Nature lovers and curious bird watchers can spend several hours at a stretch watching these little gifts of Mother Nature. The Chirping of birds dissolves melody in the ambience. People also love to capture the rare birds spotted here in their cameras in the form of videos or pictures to be cherished as a memory for their lifetime. Due to this, a lot of nature photographers love to visit the city of Kasauli to get breathtaking pictures of birds, natural woods and the lush green surroundings present here.

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