Khetarpal Marg, Himachal Pradesh

Khetarpal Marg

Location: Khetarpal Marg is housed in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh State in the neighborhood of Krishna Bhavan Mandir.

Description: Most beautiful and magnificent regions of Kasauli have been already explored by almost all the tourists visiting this place in the state of Himachal Pradesh. However, Khetarpal Marg is one of the unexplored streets in Kasauli region. According to local people a haunted house is located on this street. Local folks do not take any route proceeding from this street past 8 p.m. at night as it is believed that ghosts come alive on Khetarpal Marg and whoever dares to visit this street is followed by them. A few other stories told by the local folks say that footsteps of ghosts can be spotted at the Khetarpal Marg after dark. However, till date no tourists have ever reported seeing a ghost or any other fishy activity at Khetarpal Marg. Instead they prefer to spend time here as it is surrounded with beautiful greenery that makes the whole ambience picturesque.

Activities: Tourists come here to witness ghostly activities but none of them have been successful to spot such an event. Krishna Bhavan Mandir, fruit orchards, Mansa Devi Temple, Bhima Devi Temple, etc. are some other attractions located in the proximity of Khetarpal Marg and can easily be visited.

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