Trekking, Himachal Pradesh


Location: Kasauli is a perfect place for trekking freaks due to presence of umpteen ideal trekking trails. One can find interesting trekking trails in Kalka region. Some of the best trails are in Kasauli, Gadkhal to Kasauli and Jabli to Kasauli.

Description: Trekking is an extremely popular adventure sport performed in Kasauli, as it has perfect trekking trails for beginners as well as experts. The best part about trekking trails here is that each trail promises mesmerizing and charming views, thanks to the lush green surroundings. The trek going towards Kasauli from Jabli region is nearly 9 km. long. One can spot numerous vegetable farms and small streams while trekking via this route. This trail is ideal for beginners as the trek is quite easy; however, one has a few encounters with steep points during the whole trek. The trekkers who chose trails originating from Gadkhal must halt at an ancient Gurudwara nearby Gadkhal bazaar to enjoy the delicious langar post offering their prayers to the almighty. Another popular adventure activity that people look forward to try their hands on is hiking. This can be easily performed in the Mall area, while mostly it is performed in the Lower Mall.

Activities: Adventure lovers do not miss the opportunity to enjoy trekking in some of the best trekking trails in Kasauli. Hiking is another great activity that can be enjoyed here.

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