Christ Church (Anglican Church), Himachal Pradesh

Christ Church (Anglican Church)

Location: The Christ Church is situated at one of the most visited as well as busiest road, called Mall Road, which lies close to the bus stand in Kasauli, making it easier for the visitors to take a walk to the Christ Church.

Description: Christ Church of Kasauli was built in the year of 1884 and is a prized possession reflecting the amazing and interesting Gothic architectural style.  The Christ church is famous by another name, Anglican Church and it is one of the most talked about monuments depicting the glorious history of Kasauli region. It was even visited by Dr. Wilson, who was the Bishop of Calcutta back in the year 1844, to offer his prayers. The main wall of the church flaunts glass paintings depicting St. Joseph and Mary on both the sides of Jesus Christ. As the rays of the sun make their way into the Church, these paintings glow up and the whole scene inside the church becomes so mesmerizing that it cannot be described in words. Other paintings housed in the Christ church are of Saint Barnabus and Saint Francis. The interior of the Church is highly ventilated due to its unique architecture. Gray Stone has been used to carve out the pillars supporting the structure of this glorious Church.

Activities: Believers of Christianity and even the followers of other religions come here to offer their prayers to Lord Jesus.

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