Sandipani Ashram, Madhya Pradesh

Sandipani Ashram

The Ancient Indian Tradition of Gurukul was used to impart education to students irrespective of their position. Apart from basic subjects, students were also taught battle techniques and spiritualism. Since the Vedic period, Ujjain has been a renowned learning center of India. 

Sandipani temple is one of the most important sites, where Lord Krishna spent some of the very important years of his adolescence. Sandipani was a Saint in this Ashram, who taught Lord Krishna and Balram.

Located near to a number of important spots in Ujjain, it is regarded as the 73rd seat of Vallabhacharya, from where he conveyed his thoughts all the way through India. Sandipani Ashram and its tranquil environment offer a celestial sensation to those who desire to be in a serene atmosphere.

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