Monkey Point, Himachal Pradesh

Monkey Point

Location: Located at a distance of around 4 km from the city bus stand, Monkey point is the most interesting and extremely elevated spot of Kasauli.

Description: This place gets its name from Hindu Mythology, as it is believed to be the same place where Lord Hanuman landed before going to the Sanjeevani Hills. Also, because of the atypical shape of the rock, this place got another name, Tapp’s Nose. This point has so much to offer, as apart from enjoying the panoramic views of the plains and River Satluj, one can also visit a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.  Besides, the big flock of monkeys keeps visiting this place. They are not really dangerous, but the visitors are advised to be careful around them. This point can be easily reached by a taxi or a car. Ideally the best time to visit this place is the morning hours when the sun is not too hot.

Activities: One of the main attractions of Kasauli, Monkey Point offers breathtaking natural views and breezy atmosphere. On a clear day, one can also have a view of the hills of Shimla, plains of Chandigarh, and the River Satluj. All this together definitely make this place an essential part of your trip to Kasauli.

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