Varaha Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Varaha Temple

Location: Facing the west, Varaha Temple is situated in front of the famous Lakshmana Temple at the small village of Khajuraho, in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh.

Description: Constructed on a lofty pedestal, the Varaha temple is dedicated to Varaha, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation in the form of boar. Depicting Varaha in the form of an animal, this temple is visited by a large number of devotees. Legends have that lord Vishnu took up the form of a boar to defeat a demon named Hiranyaksha. Battle between the two lasted for a thousand years and finally Varaha emerged as the winner. Dating back to 900-925 AD, this temple has a beautifully designed architecture. Constructed out of sandstone, this shrine has an oblong pavilion with pyramidal roof that rests on 14 plain pillars. A 1.7 m high and 2.6m long Varaha statue adorns this shrine.

Activities: After offering prayers to the lord, tourists can admire the exquisite architecture of this shrine. This temple attracts the attention of religiously inclined people as well as of those who have interest in art and photography. Tourists can take part in various celebrations that are carried out in the temple. Chanting of the lord’s name during these celebrations makes the ambiance more holy and peaceful.

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