Shantinath Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Shantinath Temple

Location: Shantinath Temple is a well known Jain Temple that belongs to the eastern group of temples in Khajuraho and is considered as a temple of Digamber sect.

Description: Shantinath Temple appears same as the other shrines in Khajuraho; however, it is a newly constructed temple. This temple is devoted to saint Adinath; this shrine has achieved a status of a significant pilgrimage place for the followers of Jainism in India. The idol of presiding deity is about four and a half meter high and it has been kept in a standing pose. According to the common belief the statue was sculpted in 1028 AD. A dharamshala exists close to the temple which offers excellent lodging facility. Literal meaning of Shanti means peace and Shantinath Temple is a place of peace and tranquility. It is a new Jain temple but because its construction is based on the pattern of an old temple so it presents the features of both old as well as new temples.

Activities: One can visit this temple to offer prayers to the deity and seek his blessings. Besides this the picturesque environment of this place is worth a watch. People from different parts of India visit this temple so as to have a glimpse of lord Adinath.

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