Chaturbhuj Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Chaturbhuj Temple

Location: The Chaturbhuj Temple is one of the famous temples of Khajuraho. It is dedicated to the Hindu god, Lord Vishnu who is also considered as the protector of human life on earth according to Hindu mythology.

Description: The name of this temple has been derived from a Sanskrit word and it means four arms. It has been named so because the statue of the main god, that is lord Vishnu, has four arms. This Temple is also known as Jatakari Temple, because it is located in a town named Jatakari. Chaturbhuj Temple like all other temples in Khajuraho has a main sanctum, a beautiful shikara or spire, a mandapa and intricately carved external walls.  These walls have well designed statues of divine people and creatures, like tigers. The main image of Lord Vishnu is placed in the shrine’s sanatorium. It is a rock idol that has been intricately designed and has four arms and has nine legs. There is one more idol of Lord Vishnu which depicts him as half man and half lion, known as Bhagwan Narsimha. External walls of this temple also have a beautiful statue of Lord Shiva.

Activities: Chaturbhuj Temple is a wonderful example of Hindu culture and mythology depicting the gods in their different powerful forms, thus making it worth a visit.

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