Beejamandal Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Beejamandal Temple

Location: Beejamandal Temple is located in Vidisha, Khajuraho. Basically, it is a ruined temple and has not been excavated, but still it never fails to mesmerize the visitors. A common belief is that the temple existed under the earth, covering a large area and was marked on the top by white stone. An oil lamp is lit by the people on this mound each night and this is a routine which has been continuing since ages.

Description: The Temple has images of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, in addition to the sculptures that are of human forms. All these idols are present in expressive postures. Images of animals that have been beautifully carved and walls and pillars with complex stone carvings have been unearthed from this place. Carvings and sculptures have an influence of South-East Asian or Indonesian style on them. These temples are an example of rich cultural heritage of people of that time. It shows the interest of those people in art and their mature understanding of the artistic work.

Activities: Promising an enriching experience to tourists and history lovers, this temple can be visited in order to witness the ancient glory and art that prevailed during the bygone eras, depicting impeccable craftsmanship of ancient people.

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