Dhubela Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Dhubela Museum

Location: Dhubela Museum is located in an old fort, close to the shore of a lake on Jhansi-Khajuraho road.

Description: This museum serves as a house for a rich collection of artifacts collected during the modern era as well as the ancient times. Dhubela Museum has a collection of historical items which provide an insight of history related to the well known Bundela dynasty of Khajuraho. A collection of a large number of sculptures and artifacts helps the visitors in understanding the lifestyle of the kings of the Bundela dynasty. It also provides knowledge about growth, development and at the decline of the Bundela dynasty. The museum has sculptures that belong to the Shakti cult. Other significant items of the collection are paintings, garments and weapons that were used by Bundela kings. In short, this museum serves an example of the architectural beauty and grandiose of the times during the reign of Bundelas.

Activities: Tourists, especially history buffs, find this place as a suitable match to their taste, as they get a chance to see the famous royal items of the ancient times. Besides this, people who are lovers of art and tradition visit this place as it contains a number of items matching their interest.

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