Beni Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Beni Sagar Dam

Location: Beni Sagar Dam is positioned in the outskirts of Khajuraho city. This Dam is built over Khudar River and covers 7.7 square kilometers of area, providing ample opportunities for great fun, besides serving the essential needs of this region.

Description: Located amidst ample greenery and picturesque views, Beni Sagar Dam is emerging as a popular picnic spot in this area. It is an ideal place that is suitable for indulging in activities like angling and swimming. Boating through the refreshing water of the dam offers tourists a chance to catch scenic views of the nearby areas. The sunset as well as sunrise at this place is highly eye-catching. This place is thought to be ideal for those people who want to relax in the peaceful environment.

Activities: Frequently visited by local people and tourists, the most common activities offered at this place are trekking, swimming and boating. People who are bird lovers can have their interest fulfilled as during the dawn or dusk aplenty of birds can be seen chirping here and there. It is advisable to explore this place on foot and you should take binoculars and cameras with you, so as to capture the beautiful sights of this picturesque place.

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