Archaeological Museum, Madhya Pradesh

Archaeological Museum

Location: Khajuraho is well known for the group of temples that exist here since the medieval times. It was year 1910 when an officer of British government, named W.A. Jardine gathered the architectural members and sculptures of the devastated temples and preserved the collected items in an enclosure close to the Matangeshwar temple. At that time the collection got the name of Jardine Museum.

Description: The Archaeological Museum of Khajuraho comes under the Archeological Survey of India and is an open air museum. This museum covers a wide area of the temple complex. The five galleries that represent the Jain, Buddhist and Brahmanical faiths are a delight to visit. This museum is a house of great artistic wonders and preserves the glory that existed in the ancient times. This museum has a number of panels and hundreds of statues that are kept in four large halls and are labeled as Jaina, Shaivite, Vaishnava and Miscellaneous. Yamuna doorjambs, a statue of a four-legged Shiva, a sculpture of Vishnu making a gesture for silence are some of the special features of this museum.

Activities: Tourists can visit this place to have an enthralling experience of witnessing the ancient beauty in its best form through sculptures and artifacts.

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