Viswanath Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Viswanath Temple

Location: A part of the western group of temples, Viswanath temple lies on the north eastern side of the temple complex in Khajuraho.

Description: Having Lord Shiva as the main deity, this temple houses two impressive Shivlings carved out of marble. Constructed by Maharaja Dhanga in the 11th century, this temple is adorned by beautiful sculptures. Main features of this shrine are the sculptures of apsaras playing music, writing letters and much more. Interiors of the shrine are beautifully decorated with Lord Brahma’s idol. Originally the temple has four shrines but only two of them can be visited by the travelers. A 6 feet high statue of Nandi bull adorns the temple. This statue sits on a wide platform and its appearance increases the charm of the temple. The beauty of the shrine is sure to leave its visitors spellbound. 

Activities: One of the most influential deities, Lord Shiva is known as the supreme god. It is believed that Lord Shiva fulfills all wishes of his devotees; therefore praying at this temple is considered as auspicious. Apart from praying, visitors can also participate in the celebrations of Maha Shivratri which are carried out with enthusiasm. A not to be missed attraction while on a trip to Khajuraho, Viswanath Temple remains on every visitor’s must visit list.

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