Vaman Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Vaman Temple

Location: Situated on the eastern side of the Khajuraho town, this temple lies at a distance of 200 meter in the north east, from the renowned Brahma Temple. Well connected by road, this temple is easily accessible.

Description: Dedicated to Lord Vamana, who is considered to be Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, this temple holds importance amongst the Hindu community. Constructed over a large period of time, ranging from 1050-1075 A.D., this beautiful temple is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Vaman Temple was built according to the Kandariya architectural style and has a vestibule, sanctum and a mahamandappa. A four armed statue of standing Vishnu is present on the lintel. Present amidst lush greenery, this temple makes up for a beautiful sight to look at. An outstanding feature of the temple remains the framed niches that are present in the third row of the wall. These niches contain diamonds instead of sculptures.

Activities: Irrespective of the weather, religiously inclined tourists throng the temple on different occasions. Various festive celebrations that take place in honor of the Hindu deities are marked in a grand manner. Different markets are present in the vicinity of the temple from where tourists can shop for local made goods, handicrafts and artifacts.

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