Parsvanath Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Parsvanath Temple

Location: This temple is devoted to Jain Tirthankaras and it forms a part of eastern group of temple in Khajuraho.

Description: Parsvanath Templeis considered to be the one of the largest Jain temples and it comes under the protected zone. This temple was constructed by Pahila and king Dhanga honored him. Presiding deity of this temple is lord Parsvanath. Main feature of this shrine is the non erotic sculptures present here. Beautiful Sura-sundries in a number of alluring postures are housed in this temple. There is an idol of one surasundari who is applying makeup and the other one tying bells on her ankle that lies on the façade on the northern side and one more removing a thorn from her feet on the façade that lies on the southern side serves as a sight to watch. The outer side of the wall is embellished with sculptures of three Hindu Gods.

Activities: Parsvanath Temple is a big Jain temple and is quite unique. Devotees as well as tourists find this place attractive and they like the peaceful and serene atmosphere of this temple. They come here to admire the grandeur of this beautiful temple, besides enjoying picturesque view of the surroundings.

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