Matangesvara Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Matangesvara Temple

Location: This temple was constructed in the ninth century and it is situated in the temples of the western group.

Description: This temple is said to be one of the oldest temples of Madhya Pradesh. Chandra dev constructed this temple and he was from the Chandela dynasty. He was also a devotee of god Shiva. Lord Shiva is considered as the respected sage Matang and this is supposed to be the reason of the name Matangeshwar given to this Shiv Lingam. The shrine is made of yellow limestone that provides shine to it and it is about 8 feet high. On the upper right side are an idol of a small Ganesh and an image of goddess that is large in size. Two attendant deities that are smaller in size have been set up on the temple path. This temple is an old temple and exists from more than a thousand years.  An open air archaeological museum forms the south of this temple and it possesses a wonderful collection of statues as well as friezes that have been collected from that area.

Activities: The Shivratri festival observes a rush of devotees. A fair is organized here which lasts for ten days and people from different walks of life participate in it.   

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