Lakshmi Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Lakshmi Temple

Location: Khajuraho is well known for its temples that have beautiful sculptures. A total of 85 temples exist in this region out of which 25 temples exist in the Lakshmi temple. This temple was constructed during 900 to 925 A.D.

Description: The Lakshmi temple is devoted to god Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi who is considered to be the Hindu goddess of wealth and it belongs to the temples of the western group. This shrine is small and has wonderful sculptures. Idols of two guards that support the pillar posts that exist in the sanctum are quite extraordinary. The idol is placed on a plain plinth that is about 10 feet in height. Images of a number of deities are enshrined on the walls of this captivating shrine. Carved out of yellow sandstone, the idol has a fine finish. The temple is marked with rows of figures of around 674 deities. Temples of Khajuraho are a part of the World Heritage List, because of their outstanding artistic and architectural value.

Activities: This temple is a part of the series of temples of Khajuraho. It is one of the ancient temples and comprises of a number of sculptures of ancient times. All these characteristics make it a place worth a visit.

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