Lakshmana Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Lakshmana Temple

Location: Lakshmana Temple is a properly preserved stone temple of Khajuraho. This temple is devoted to god Vishnu and has its face towards the east direction. It is carved with statues of gods and goddesses that are more than 600 in number.

Description: Outer wall that is complicatedly carved is just a beginning, while every niche and alcove of this beautiful shrine is carved with grand sculptures. The temple platform has an attractive sculpture of horsemen and elephants in the cavalcade. A few wonderfully carved panels are present on the southern side. An ancillary shrine and a border fence exist in each corner of the stone temple. Bands of sculptors decorated with figures of apsaras, the guardians that indicate the directions and other creatures which are considered to be divine are certainly the most lavish part of this temple. Balconies of this temple have amazingly designed panels that take a central position. Some great sculptures can be observed on the western side of this temple and these sculptures mainly comprise of women wearing ornate jewelry.

Activities: This is a big temple and has been maintained well, so one you can see a lot of ancient sculptures and admire the artistic beauty of ancient times.

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