Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Kandariya Mahadev Temple

Location: Kandariya Mahadev temple was constructed in the 1025 to 1050 A.D. It is said to be the largest temple in Khajuraho and the presiding deity of this temple is lord Shiva.

Description: The centre of Kandariya Mahadev temple has a Garbagriha having a lingam. Main shrine contains more than 800 idols and most of these images are three feet high. Design of this temple comprises of pradakshina, Garbagriha, mahamandappa that is supported with pillars and the ardhamandappa. The temple tower is about 100 feet high. Sculptures of charming women can be seen on the temple platform in a number of postures and this sight is very attractive. Northern and southern portions of this temple have the sculptures that are the most attractive. This temple also serves as a house for nicely designed frescos that can be seen on its walls. All this features speak of the artistic magnificence of the ancient times. The alluring sculptures and the wonderful images of the deities make this place worth a watch for the people.

Activities: A common activity that can be done here, besides worshipping, is that the tourists can see the picturesque beauty and artistic magnificence of this temple which is really eye catching.

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