Javari Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Javari Temple

Location: Javari Temple is positioned close to the Brahma Temple and it is located towards the east of Khajuraho.

Description:  Javari Temple was built between the 975 and 1100 A.D. A small temple devoted to lord Vishnu, it presents art and architecture of ancient times. Common belief is that the name of the temple has not been derived from the name of any deity but from the owner of the land. It is thought because no Hindu deity has such a name. Javari Temple has the same structure as that of the Chaturbhuj Temple. The dimensions of this temple have breadth of 6.4 m and length of 11.88 m. A number of complex and intricately done carvings can be seen on the exteriors of this beautiful temple, besides various figures and sculptures. This temple has a huge tower and an elaborated entrance, which make Javari Temple an architectural jewel.

Activities: Devotees visit this temple to offer prayers and take blessings of the lords. Besides its pious ambiance, they are allured by the beauty of its architecture. One should visit this temple as it is a magnificent piece of art and presents the art and religious beliefs of the ancient times.

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