Chitragupta Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Chitragupta Temple

Location: It is an old temple devoted to lord Surya or Sun god and located at Sevagram in Khajuraho.

Description: This temple was constructed in the 11th century and comprises of an image of Surya that is 5 feet high. Lord is seated on a chariot that comprises of seven horses. This temple has beautifully carved walls that portray images of Hindu god, Lord Vishnu, which is in an 11 headed form, couples, elephant fights and dancing girls. All these things are a feast for the eyes of the onlookers. The lintel of the delicate doorway depicts three identical but smaller idols of lord surya as are portrayed in the main shrine. In addition to this, the temple has a three storied tank and it is also a major attraction of this place. The tank is well known by the name Chopra and it was built by the Chandela rulers. Exterior portion of this wonderful temple is adorned with sculptures of vyalas, apsaras, mithunas and a number of deities. The panels of the balcony have figures that are nicely carved and are more than 70 in number.

Activities: This temple is a magnificent piece of art and tourists visit it not only for worshipping but also to witness the beauty of its architectural design.

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