Adinath Temple, Madhya Pradesh

Adinath Temple

Location: Adinath temple was constructed in the 11th century and it is positioned in Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.

Description: devoted to saint Adinath who is considered a great religious person in Jainism, It is a magnificently decorated temple with wonderful sculptures. This temple is also considered as a part of the group of Jain temples in India. The temple walls are decorated with attractively carved figures of the musicians of the court. Originally the temple had a great shape and served as a great work of art but it could not stand the ravages of time and half of the sanctum was ruined. It has undergone a major change after renovations and now it is gaining its former shape and glory. The vestibule and the sanctum of the ancient shrine are the only things that exist from that era. Now a chamber that has arch doorways replaces the mandapa as well as the entrance porch, lime-plastered masonry is used in this chamber. An important feature of this temple is that it has been built in the form of sapta-ratha. The single towered shikhar provides a graceful look to the temple.

Activities: People of Jain religion can visit this temple to pay their homage to the Lord Adinath of Khajuraho.

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