Kalinjar Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Kalinjar Fort

Location: This fort is located at a height of 700 feet from the sea level, on the Vindhya ranges, on the top of a sacred hill which is of great value for the people of Hindu religion.  This fort can be accessed through seven gates, namely Bara Darwaza, Lal Darwaza, Hanuman Dwar, Buddha Bhadra Darwaza, Chauburji Darwaza, Ganesh Dwar, and Alamgir Darwaza.

Description: Kalinjar fort was constructed so as to defend the kingdom and it is a replica of the various structures that were constructed by the Chandela kings. Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal are the two places within this fort; besides this the fort has various other places of interest. For example Koito Birth, a pilgrimage place where lepers are cured, Manuk Bhairon or Mrigdhara that is located within the rampart’s inner chamber. Other places of great interest are Buddha-Buddhi taal. The water of this Taal is considered to be having healing effect and Patal Ganga or Pandu Kund. This is the place where water is seen trickling from the stratified rocks.

Activities: Kalinjar fort is a special memorial and possesses an unmatched artistry and elegance. People visit this fort in order to observe the beauty of this fort which stood as a brilliant example of unmatched architectural work.

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