Ajaigarh Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Ajaigarh Fort

Location: Ajaigarh Fort is located in the outskirts of Khajuraho. This fort is positioned at 1111 m above the sea level on a flat-topped projection of the Vindhyas.

Description: Ajaigarh Fort serves as an example of architectural style liked by the Chandela kings. People believe that this fort was built by the kings when their hold on the area was declining. Historians are of the view that the fort had a huge structure in order to protect the local people from attacks by enemies as well as outsiders. At present, the fort has two entries, namely Tarhoni located to the south-east and Darwaza positioned in the north. This fort serves as a house for sculptures of goddesses in a row formation, called Ashta Shakti. A Lake that is well known as Ajay Pal Ka Talao and a Jain temple which exists in the form of ruins also form a part of this fort.

Activities: Ajaigarh Fort offers a picturesque view of the Ken River. So visitors can enjoy some eye-catching sights here. Besides this, the fort is a magnificent work of art and now it is an isolated place, so it is best for spending some serene moments during leisure time also.

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