Lutheran Church, Tamil Nadu

Lutheran Church

Location: Lying in the vicinity of Kodai School, Lutheran Church is a famous place of worship amongst the Christians in Kodaikanal.

Description: Constructed in accordance to the Gothic architecture style, Lutheran Church houses a large collection of paintings. Main attraction of this shrine remains the stained glass windows that depict Lord Jesus’ life. Established in the year 1932, this church is visited by a large number of Christians as well as by people belonging to other religions also. Walls of the church are painted with beautiful colors and they depict various instances from the lord’s life. Decked up beautifully on Christmas Eve, locals along with the visitors mark the festive celebrations in a grand manner. During this festival, the ambiance of the otherwise quiet church becomes alive and it is a sight that attracts everybody’s attention.

Activities: Tourists can take part in a number of celebrations that take place in the church. Praying at the church is believed to relax a person and free him from all the worries. Travelers can also visit other attractions, such as Kodaikanal Lake or the Berijam Lake to experience the true beauty of the region. Visitors can also savor the taste of local delicacies that are readily available in the vicinity.

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