Pambar Falls, Tamil Nadu

Pambar Falls

Location: Pambar Falls or the Grand Cascade, as it is alternatively called, is located at a distance of 4 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand.

Description: River Pambar, when flows down over the rock formations, gets transformed into the falls. The overflowing water reservoir of the town forms the magnificent Pambar falls, while on its way to the Vaigai River. A pond like formation which is present at the foot of the fall is suitable for taking a bath or swimming. Rare variety of flora and fauna of the region can be seen by the tourists who visit this magnificent waterfall. Making its way through the zigzag formations of the rocks, Pambar falls can be reached from a way that is present behind the well known Pambar House.

Activities: Especially visited by nature enthusiasts, Pambar falls are fast gaining popularity amongst travelers. A famous picnic spot, visitors can enjoy a number of activities here with their friends and family members. The beauty of the falls is bound to leave the visitors dazzled. At a short distance from the waterfall lies the 80 Mile Round, which is famous for trekking expedition. Amateur as well as experienced trekkers can enjoy trekking at the 80 Mile Round, a place that offers various adventure activities.

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