Moir Point, Tamil Nadu

Moir Point

Location: Moir Point is located close to the entry point of the famous Berijam Lake Road. Lying at a short distance from Kodaikanal, tourists can easily change their route to reach Moir Point.

Description: Offering a marvelous view of the valley, Moir Point has always remained a hot spot for the travelers. Located at a place where Sir Thomas Moir had cut the first grass to build the Goschen Road, Moir Point was called as Fort Mile Road till 1929. This place is also regarded as significant because of its history. Entry of unauthorized people is prohibited at the forest check point. This point offers a bird’s view point of the hills and the villages that surround the area.

Activity: Being a calm and peaceful place, Moir Point offers its visitors an ideal ambiance to relax and rejuvenate. A place of interest for photography enthusiasts, this area offers beautiful views. In addition to this, tourists can also visit the famous Kodaikanal Golf Club to enjoy a game of golf. By paying a nominal fee, non members are also allowed entry into the club. Nature lover can visit the nearby lakes, such as Berijam Lake or the Kodai Lake, to enjoy a dazzling sunset view.

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