Dolmen Circle, Tamil Nadu

Dolmen Circle

Location: Situated at a small distance from the Kodaikanal Lake, remains of the Dolmen circle from the pre historic era welcomes the visitors. These structures can be found at two places, namely Shenbaganur Museum and Perumal Peak.

Description: An important anthropological site, various dolmens that are present in the Dolmen circle give an insight of the prehistoric man’s lifestyle. After doing innumerous researches it was found that these places were used as hideouts by the ancient man. However, it is also believed that instead of living in dolmens, people used to keep their valuables in these structures. During archaeological excavations, several brass and copper ornaments as well as different utensils were found by the archaeologists. According to the researchers, these structures date back to the 5000 BC. Built out of stone, only two of the original structures are present in their authentic conditions, as rest of the structures have been destroyed. These dolmens make up for a magnificent sight to look at.

Activities: A must visit place for history enthusiasts, the Dolmen Circle depicts the culture and lifestyle of the Iron Age man. In order to know more about this place, tourists can also visit the Shenbaganur Museum that houses various models of dolmen.

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