Trekking, Tamil Nadu


Location: A trekker’s paradise, the town ofKodaikanal offers a number of trekking routes that are spread all over the city. Amateur as well as experienced trekkers can enjoy this activity with the help of professionals, who are always ready to help them.

Description: Varying in their difficulty level, tourists can choose a route according to their trekking ability, fitness and time factor. Experienced trekkers can undertake a longer route that starts from Kodaikanal and ends at Batlagundu, while novice trekkers can take shorter routes that can be covered in a small amount of time. A popular adventure sport, trekking, helps in increasing a person’s fitness and endurance. The toughest route of the region starts from Periyakulam and ends at Kodaikanal via Adukkam. A trek on this route may take a person 7 to 8 hours. For a safe journey, professionals should be hired while performing this activity.

Activities: Enjoyed throughout the year, the activity of trekking makes the city of Kodaikanal quite popular. Along with this adventurous sport, tourists can also visit a number of other attractions that lie in proximity. Kodaikanal Golf club can be visited to enjoy a game with your family or friends. Travelers can also visit the serene and beautiful Kodaikanal Lake to enjoy some wonderful moments.

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