Mishkal Palli, Kerala

Mishkal Palli

Location: Mishkal Palli is an ancient mosque in Kozhikhode. This mosque has been named after a rich merchant who constructed it and he was a native of Arabia.

Description: Kozhikode is a place famous from ancient times and it has a great significance as far as the history of Kerala is concerned. One integral part of the rich history of this town is the mosque named, Mishkal Palli. This beautiful, ancient structure has four storeys and it is supported by pillars of wood. The mosque truly represents the architectural beauty of Kerala in its simple design and form. In the year 1510, some parts of this mosque were burnt down by the Portuguese Naval Force, but it was soon renovated to revive its original glory. All the mosques that have been built during that period are beautiful, but Mishkal Palli has a unique feature and it is it does not have any minarets.

Activities: The Mishkal Palli mosque is very famous in the entire Kozhikode region. People of Muslim community visit this mosque in huge numbers and offer prayers to Allah to take blessings from the almighty. Apart from this, the surroundings of this mosque are very scenic and worth a watch.

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