Matri Dei Cathedral, Kerala

Matri Dei Cathedral

Location: Matri Dei Cathedral is located in Calicut, at a distance of around half a kilometer from the town of Kozhikode. It is the same place where Vasco Da Gama, a Portuguese sailor, had landed in the year 1498.

Description: Mater Dei is a Latin word and it means Mother of God. It refers to Virgin Mary as Theotokos. It is a combination of two Greek words, Theo and Tokos, where Theo refers to God and Tokos means carrier or bearer in the womb. Built according to Roman style of architecture, the history related with this church is an illustration of Catholics of this region at that time. In the year 1513, Zamorin of Calicut signed a treaty, according to which the Raja of Calicut allowed Portuguese to build a factory at Calicut. Portuguese attached a Chapel devoted to Matre de deo with the factory. It is a common belief that it housed a stone Cross that has been struck in bas relief of granite. Quite a number of people come to this place for worship.

Activities: It is an ancient chapel and people like to visit this church to witness the magnificence and grandeur of this old structure, as well as offer prayers to Mother Mary and take her blessings.

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