Hazratganj Market, Uttar Pradesh

Hazratganj Market

Location: Hazratganj market is situated in the heart of Lucknow city in Uttar Pradesh state, India.

Description: Hazratganj market is a popular high-class market in Lucknow. This area falls in the Lucknow’s heritage zone. This market was built by Amjad Ali Shah, who was the fourth King of Oudh. The market comprises of small shops, big showrooms, restaurants, hotels, cinemas and offices. The famous cinemas of Hazratganj market are Sahu, Mayfair, Novelty and Leela. The market was ameliorated in the year 2010-2011 and the refurbished infrastructure of this market now makes it look more beautiful at night with bright lamps, benches and fountains. This market is visited by both local people and tourists. A major shopping mall of this market is Sahara Ganj Mall which is a five storied building. This Victorian style market lane also houses big showrooms of several big and international brands. All the stores and shops of the market are colored white and cream which makes it exceptionally beautiful.

Activities: The water fountain located in the Hazratganj Market is a marvelous piece of architecture. The dramatic effects of this fountain, along with colored lights and moving jets of water at night, makes it look more phenomenal and the picturesque views are best for photography.

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