Shah Najaf Imambara, Uttar Pradesh

Shah Najaf Imambara

Location: Shah Najaf Imambara is located in the heart of the Lucknow city on Maharana Pratap Road in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Description: Shah Najaf Imambara was constructed by Nawab Ghazi-Ud-Din Haider in the period 1816-1817. He was the last Nawab and first ruler of the state of Awadh. Nawab Ghazi built this significant tomb at a place, known as Paltan Ghat which lies on the banks of Gomti River. This Imambara served as a burial chamber of Nawab Ghazi after his death. Nawab was buried in Shah Najaf Imambara, along with the grave of his wives Mubarak Mahal, Sarfaraz Mahal and Mumtaz Mahal, hence it is also known as Karbala. According to lunar calendar, this monument is decorated and enlightened on the birthday of Hazrat Ali on 13th of Rajab, which is one of the main occasions celebrated by Muslim people. This dome shaped structure has a garden with a variety of colored flowers at the entrance which enhances its beauty. The central tomb of Nawab Ghazi is coated with silver, whereas the tomb of Mubarak Mahal is coated with gold color.

Activities: There are various colored lanterns at the entrance of the Imambara which light up the whole area during evening time and this is the time when tourists can feel the sanctity of this place.

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