Colvin Taluqdars College, Uttar Pradesh

Colvin Taluqdars College

Location: Situated in the city of Lucknow, Colvin Taluqdars College is amongst the oldest public schools that were present during the British rule.

Description: In the year 1889, the lieutenant Governor of North West provinces, Sir Auckland Colvin presented the idea of opening a school for the children of British administrators. This school was well known for several decades because of its aristocratic traditions. It was only after the independence, in the year 1947 that this school was accessible to general public. By this time, this institute had gained the reputation of being one of the best schools in the region. Now this school has been converted into a college and is affiliated to ISC. Students of this institute have the option of choosing between two streams, which are UP or ISC board examination. This college which was named after Sir Auckland Colvin strives to keep up its royal elegance. The building of the college still gives a glimpse of the architectural style of the Victorian era.

Activities: The College houses an online media lab and a library. A look around the campus can leave a person amazed, thanks to its marvelous surroundings. Different types of sports facilities are also provided to the students of this college.

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