Satkhanda, Uttar Pradesh


Location: Satkhanda is located on the opposite side of Bada Imambara or Rumi Darwaza in Lucknow city, Uttar Pradesh.

Description: Satkhanda is a tower which consists of four stories. It was used for special purposes, like lunar observation. It was built during the times of Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah in the period 1837-1842. Nawab Ali Shah wanted to make it a seven storey building for lunar observation by Muslim clerics and to get the perfect view of the complete Lucknow city from one point. Nawab had deep love for his daughter and he could not bear the loss of his loveliest daughter in her tender age and died. After the death of Nawab Ali Shah, the construction of this building was left incomplete and hence the building has only four stories, instead of seven. In spite of being incomplete, this monument is a great source of attraction for tourists till date and they enjoy visiting this place because of the history behind its construction. The golden dome was made from yellow stone and reflects the French and Italian architecture style of medieval period.

Activities: This monument was in ruins but the Husainabad Improvement Trust has taken an initiative to renovate this monument, allowing the tourists to take a look at the beautiful city from its top floor.

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