Kaiserbagh Palace, Uttar Pradesh

Kaiserbagh Palace

Location: Kaiserbagh Palace is located in Awadh region of Lucknow city, in the state Uttar Pradesh, India.

Description: Kaiserbagh place is also known as Qaiserbagh, which is a marvelous complex in Lucknow city. This palace was built by Wajid Ali shah in the year 1850 and he is known to be the last ruler to raise his throne. There is a rectangular manicured garden, known as Huzoor Bagh, which lies in front of this palace that was incredibly captured in the old photographs and believed to be an art form introduced by the Mughal Emperor Babur. Baradari is the name of a grizzled stone which lies in the heart of this complex. The three major parts of this palace include a common hall where the king used to meet his officials, second part was a huge chamber where the king and his officials used to relax and a private mosque were also located in the same part. The last part is the dormitory that was made for queens. This part of palace was also called as Zenana.

Activities: The place houses several pavilions which reflect the influence of European and Mughal architecture styles. Tourists like to marvel at the beauty of this ancient structure, which is included in the must visit attractions of Lucknow.

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