Gomti Kund, Madhya Pradesh

Gomti Kund

It is a renowned place of Ujjain where Lord Krishna is believed to have convened the sacred rivers from different pilgrim centers, in order to help his old Guru to calmly perform all the rites and rituals. This steep water tank is situated near to the Sandipani Ashram. Sandipani ashram has been mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas as well and excavations of this place publicized 3,000 years’ old painted artifacts, which confirm that this place is undoubtedly the most significant place of the ancient times. A miscellany of excavation was quite similar to the articles discovered from Hastinapura, Indraprastha, and Mathura & Kausambi. One among the oldest places of Ujjain, Gomati Kund is the persistent source of water supply to the Ashram.

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