Bara Imambara, Uttar Pradesh

Bara Imambara

Location: Located in the beautiful city of Lucknow, Bara Imambara is a religiously significant monument for the Muslim community.

Description: Constructed in the year 1784 by Shia Muslims, the Bara Imambara was used for Azadari. This structure is one of the grandest buildings in the city of Lucknow. This complex includes Bhul Bhulaiya, a mosque, a well and a bowli. The structure is designed according to the Mughal style of architecture. The central hall of the building is believed to be the largest arched hall. This hall stands tall with a height of 15 meter and is 50 meter long. The rice husk roof has made the structure unique. Beams and grinders are not used in the construction; instead the bricks have been put together with the help of interlocking system. Even after facing much destruction, the roof still stands steady without the support of pillars. This monument also houses the tomb of the architect, Kifayatullah, in the main hall.

Activities: From the Bada Imambara, tourists can get breathtaking view of the beautiful city. Photo fanatics and history lovers can make the most of their trip. So be ready to unravel the secrets of this place while on a trip to Lucknow.

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