Nechung Monastery, Himachal Pradesh

Nechung Monastery

Location: The well known Nechung Monastery lies just below the famous Tibetan library in the little square, known as Gangchen Kyishong. This place forms an important part of the sightseeing destinations in McLeodganj.

Description: The history of Nechung monastery dates back to a long time and holds special relevance amongst people belonging to Buddhist religion. Tibetan government granted a small piece of land for the construction of this monastery that houses a school, a beautifully carved temple and a monk’s residence. All these structures were built during the time period that lies from 1977-1984. This monastery houses around 16 monks which call it their home and it is also regarded as the seat of the State Oracle of Tibet. A visit to this monetary can help a person to understand the Buddhist culture more clearly. This place attracts history lovers all around the year, as they can get a deep insight of the Tibetan history.

Activities: After visiting the monastery, tourists can also have a look at other places that lie in its vicinity. The town of McLeodganj is well known for its beauty and houses a number of attractions that suit everybody’s taste. So whether you are a nature lover or a religiously inclined person, this city has a lot to offer you.

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