Naam Art Gallery, Himachal Pradesh

Naam Art Gallery

Location: Naam Art Gallery is becoming extremely popular as an important tourist spot, and is located in the region of McLeodganj. This gallery lies at a distance of about 7 km from Dharamshala and is situated in the Sidhbari village.

Description: Naam Art Gallery houses the works of famous English painter A. W. Hallett and a German painter, Elizabeth Buschmann. The artists during their visit to India in 1980s painted some of the finest paintings, which have been put up on display in the gallery. The collection includes paintings which have been made using oil paints by A. W. Hallett, whereas Elizabeth Buschmann’s work boasts of paintings that have been made using acrylics and water paints. Visiting this gallery can be an enriching experience for the art lovers and also for those who have keen interest in ancient art work. In addition to this, the gallery also has a separate section dedicated to contemporary art for all those who have interest in modern art.

Activities: Art lovers can have a lot of fun at this gallery. Tourists can have a look at the work of some great artists while they can also indulge in making a purchase of some of the master pieces of the renowned artists. This is a not to be missed attraction while on a trip to Dharamshala.

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